Headstart Early Learning Centre Bella Visit’s Library Visit!

There was a lot of excitement for the Bella Vista School Readiness group as we prepared to depart for our excursion to Castle Hill Library!

We were all then very excited about experiencing a bus ride in the ‘Headstart Early Learning’ bus. It was fantastic to see the children demonstrating the skill of waiting for their turn to get on the bus. The ‘School Readiness’ children then divided in to two groups for a bus ride. The first group rode with Matt, Donna and Daniella. The second group rode with Matt and Lisa.

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When we arrived at the library we held hands with a partner . We walked inside the library to be greeted by a librarian! (learning that the word ‘librarian’ is the name of the job that people have when they work in a library). The librarian was very friendly.

We looked around on the shelves in the library to a lot of fantastic books! Each child then had the opportunity to choose a book and sit on the floor to admire the pictures that we can see!

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The librarian then read us a few stories. The first story was about the sounds that the letters of the alphabet make. It was great to see that the children are continuing to enhance their literacy skills as they use picture cue’s as a guide to stimulate their pre- reading skills. The children were very attentive while listening to the story and each child seemed to be eager to contribute their individual thoughts and ideas. We then looked at felt board shaped presents! The children then had turns to guess what may be inside the present according to shape. It was great to see the children enhancing their level of vocabulary and confidence as they talk in front of peers and voice their ideas.

After listening to the librarian and enjoying her company, we were ready to have another turn to look at books  before getting back on the bus to return to school!

It was fantastic to see that the children in the ‘School Readiness’ class enjoyed their excursion to the library.

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